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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fable TLC Trivia

Hi there all of you

I thought that I'd do something different today and supply you all with some Fable Trivia.
these come directly from the internet not from myself.

  1. Early in Fable's development, the game was called Project Ego.
  2. In the Lychfield Graveyard there is a grave stone that reads "Cpt. J. Sparrow: May the wind always be at your back".
  3. Sometimes during battles, one of your enemies will respond with, "It's just a flesh wound."
  4. In the Oakvale memorial garden, there are gravestones of Dene Carter and Simon Carter, the directors of Big Blue Box the development team for the game.
  5. In Fable II , In addition to the loading screen that references "Your Health is Low," there is a potion shop in Fable II that is named "Your Health Is Low." Many of Fable's "Your Health Is Low" references are based on the over-all disdain towards being told this every time your health reaches a certain point in the original Fable.
  6. Fable 3 also makes a reference to "Your Health Is Low." On one of the tombstones in the Mourningwood Graveyard, the quote "Your Health Is Low" is featured on one.
  7. Fable 3 also has other references. One tombstone features the quote "It is dangerous to go alone. Take this" which is of course a quote from the original Legend of Zelda.
  8. Another tombstone in Fable III features the quote "Here lies Arnold. He will not be back." Which is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  9. In Fable II The Swarthy Revenge Indigo dye is an obvious reference to the character Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. This is supported by the statement in the description, "You have crushed its flowers. Prepare to dye." This is a parody of Inigo Montoya's infamous quote, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
  10. In Fable II 
  11. There is a loading screen which mentions a rumor that the Hero of Oakvale murdered the Guildmaster and carved "your health is low" on his forehead. This is a little joke, as in Fable he contacts the hero every time his health is low
  12. In Fable III Even though Logan is seen wearing the crown in the trailer and pictures, he is never seen with it in game.
  13. In Fable III During the quest "Crime and Punishment", the player can find a cake and a Hobbe worshiping a crate with hearts on the sides. These are both references to the Portal series.