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Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to Mod: Adding a Weapon to your Inventory(No spawning)

Ok here it is an easy way to add any weapon in the game to your Inventory without the need of chest spawning!
You will need: Fable explorer.
1)Ok first Find what weapon you want in FE in the "OBJECT" panel in "Game.bin"
2) write down or remember the number of the weapon.
3) Find the "Creature_Hero" under the "Creature" Panel (number 1470)
4)Open the entry and scroll down until you see "Weapon 1"
5) Put the Number of the weapon in the field.
6)Click "Apply changes"
7) Click "save Mods and run Fable"
There yu have it. it is easy and can be repeated mny times with different weapons as it will just keep adding weapons to yur Inventory REMEMBER to Save your game each time.j

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