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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

This is Fable, right?

Hello all,
So here is a list of mods that make fable seem, well not fable, but something different entirely.

1. DarkSouls in Greatwood DLC
2. Fable The Lost Chapters - Fable 2 Mod
3. Fable: The New World
4. Fable: Conquest v2

Monday, 13 October 2014

Mods used Harden on Fable!... It was super effective!

Hi all,
So Fable TLC is not that hard once you've played it as much as I have, now this is where some modders have stepped up to the plate and have made mods to increase the difficulty.

WARNING! Some of these mods are not compatible with the others on this list (Rebalanced Fable and Harder Fable ) so choose carefully.
1. Rebalanced Fable
2. Fishing Difficulty Mods.
3. Boss health and damage increase
4. Stronger Bandits
5. Harder Fable